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One of The Most Popular Entertainment in Taiwan: Singing in The Karaoke ( or KTV)

If you know some Taiwanese, you must notice that people in Taiwan love to go to a place called “Karaoke” with friends and have fun there. I’m telling you that this is true. Not to mention others, my family and I love to go to KTV so much. However, many foreigners still don’t know what is Karaoke and what makes Taiwanese people so crazy about. 🤔 Don’t worry! You will learn it from this article and you must go there once in your life time. You won’t regret. 😎

What is KTV?

KTV is known as karaoke in the Western world, but it’s not as popular as in Asia. Not only Taiwan, but also South Korea and China have KTV. It is a night out that you won’t want to miss. Taiwanese people love to go to KTV singing, dancing and having fun with friends all night long until morning. It’s one of the most popular entertainment in Taiwan.

Why do people in Taiwan love to go to KTV?

KTV is a magical place for Taiwanese people. It can make you happy and even help you go through difficulties. You can go there for any reason. If you got promotion at work and you want to celebrate with friends or family, you go to KTV. If you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you feel desperate and you want to vent your emotions, you go to KTV.

What equipment does KTV have?

Normally KTV opens for 24 hours, so you can go there whenever you want. KTV offers private room for customers. Each room comes equipped with couches, a table, a large-screen tv, a song selection machine and microphones. Just choose the songs you want to sing from the machine and tap the screen. After that, the TV screen will start to display the video of the song. And you can start to sing by following the lyrics on TV.

How often do people go to KTV in Taiwan?

Taiwanese people love KTV so much that they are willing to go there all the time. I’ve heard that some of people go to KTV at least three times a week. Some of them go there four times a month. As for me, I go there almost once a month. Not just Taiwanese people, there are more and more foreigners love to go to KTV as well.

In western countries, people have parties all the time. However, we don’t have parties in Taiwan. If we want to have some fun with friends, we go to KTV. I think that’s why KTV is so famous and popular. You must go to KTV and experience everything by yourself when you travel around Taiwan.

Pictures I took in KTV

According to the numbers of people you have, you can book rooms with different size. There are small, medium and large rooms for customers to choose. Each room has different price. I love to go to KTV with my family a lot. We enjoy singing so much and almost everyone can sing very well. 🤪

Videos of us singing

There are some short videos to show you how it works in KTV and how we enjoy singing so much. Come and sing with us in KTV one day. 🤭

In case you like the song, its name is 暖暖手 by 井柏然&郭書瑤

The name of the second song is 當你 by 王心凌.

YES!! We love to sing not only Chinese songs, but also English songs. And I’m sure everyone knows the song already. 😎

The handsome boy you see now is my brother. I have to say that he is really good at singing. He melts my heart every time I hear he sing. 🥰 It’s pity that no one asks him to become a singer, but deep in my heart, he is already a super star. ❤❤❤ ( Sorry, he has a girlfriend now. 🤣)

Foreigners in Taiwan love KTV as well

Not just Taiwanese people love to go to KTV, there are a lot of foreigners also love KTV so much. My foreign friends invited me to KTV with them for the birthday party last year. We had so much fun and I’m sure that was an unforgettable night ever.

All girls in the room were so happy and couldn’t stop dancing. I was the only Taiwanese girl in there. Another magical power of KTV. It brings everyone together no matter where you come from. 🥰🥰

The affects of COVID-19 for KTV

I took all the videos and pictures you saw before COVID-19 started to become serious again in Taiwan. We all know that the virus change people’s lives around the world. It took everyone’s freedom for more than one year. We can’t do any easy and normal things we think anymore. It’s really tough and sad.

KTV and night clubs needed to stop opening

In May 2021, the virus situation became worse in Taiwan. The government announced that all the activities needed to be canceled. The students started to take online courses. All the night clubs and KTV had to stop opening. ( The news here ) People needed to stay at home and only went out if necessary. Immediately, millions of people’s life changed. A lot of people lost their jobs and many companies had to close because they were broken.

KTV stop opening for 5 months

After 4 months staying at home, people finally can start to go out again. However, due to the hermetic space in KTV and other clubs, they were not allowed to open yet until October. They closed for 5 months without making any money and people lost one of their favorite entertainment activity for 5 months. As you can see, 2021 was really a tough year for Taiwanese people.

Cherish everything you have

Now KTV opens again and I really appreciate that we can enjoy singing again in our favorite place. As for me, though the virus caused a lot of problems for the world, it also taught us many life lessons. We need to cherish everything around us even you think it’s very normal and easy to do. Because maybe one day, you can’t do it simply anymore.

Plus, life is short. No one knows what will happen next second. You should start to care less about those who don’t care about you and live your life happily. Except harming others, do whatever you want to do that makes you feel happy and alive. I’m sure we will all be shining stars in the future. 🤩🤩 And don’t forget to join me in KTV one day. 😉


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