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Where is The National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium 屏東海生館?

The aquarium is a place can make people relax and forget about unhappiness. Everyone can go there and have a lot of fun. Haven’t been to the aquarium before? Don’t worry. Let’s explore it via the videos and pictures I took. Hope you guys enjoy it 💕

I know many people haven’t been to the aquarium before. Luckily, this was my third time visited it. Every time I came with different age and different people. The trip for three times were totally different. And I’m sure I’ll take my kids to here again. I can’t wait to see the day come. 😍😍😍

KKday → Aquarium ticket

Klook → Aquarium ticket

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📍Loation of the aquarium

The aquarium is located in a southern city of Taiwan called Pingtung. As you can see from the map, it’s right next to the sea. There are many famous spots around the area. It took us 2.5 hours to drive from Chiayi to Pingtung.

⛲ Exhibition

There are four different exhibitions in the aquarium, which are “Coral kingdom pavilion“, “Waters of Taiwan“, “Waters of the world” and “Whale Explorium“. Four areas with different topics for everyone to explore. My favorite two areas are “Coral kingdom pavilion” and “Waters of the world” because I can see the beluga whale and penguins in these two places.

1. Coral Kingdom Pavilion

Underwater tunnel

When we arrived the entrance, we were immediately attracted by Coral Kingdom Pavilion. Therefore, we started our adventure from here without a doubt. 😂😂😂 I walked into a tunnel surrounded by different kinds of fish and corals. It was a fantastic feeling and I loved it so much. I can see them swimming above me.

Nemo and carols

I think it was the moment I could see lots of different fish in my life. I couldn’t move my eyes away from them. They were so adorable!!! And look what I found. It’s NEMO!!! They were so tiny and beautiful. I felt like I was swimming under the ocean.

As you can see, different coral reef tanks are displayed to serve as a preview that prepares visitors for their trip to the underwater tunnel. People may carefully examine the different species of coral that grow at different depths and notice the presence and interaction of fish and other creatures that have adapted to these environments.

Beluga whale

The most exciting part in this area is to see the beluga whale. 🤩🤩🤩 This 0.8 million gallon tank contains amongst the cleverest and most active whales in the sea. Its body is long and big. It was so stunning when it swam through me above my head. Many children shouted its name happily when they saw it.

Jellyfish and other fish

Except nemo, carols and beluga whale, you can also see many different kinds of fish and jellyfish. Tourists will enter the bottom of a sunken ship in this exhibit and meander among the broken decks and corridors. Besides all kinds of corals attached to the sunken ship, a vast diversity of marine life can be seen.

2. Waters of the world

In this exhibition, people can explore it from the beginning of the earth. The Ancient Ocean exhibit demonstrates the birth of the Earth, the formation of ancient oceans and the evolution of marine organisms. Illustrations of the evolution of living organisms from the Precambrian period to the present are performed using virtual audio and visual (i.e.,”3-D” glasses) effects.

Taking some amazing photos in front of the huge aquarium is necessary. 😍😍 So here you are!!! Standing here everyone can be models. Look how beautiful the pictures are! 🤣🤣


In this area, I want to see penguins the most. There were already thousands of people, no, I’m kidding. XDD There were already plenty of parents trying to help their kids to take pictures with the penguins before we arrived. I tried so hard to squeeze into the crowds to spend some time with those cutie pies. Luckily, I saw the breeder feeding them and took some selfies with them. 🥰🥰 My mission for the day was completed successfully. 🤪🤪

Before we saw the penguins, we visited their home in Antarctica via virtual audio and visual effects. The environment was full of ice and we could see different sea animals swimming in front of us. It was incredibly beautiful!! Besides, the shadow of us were telling us to take some pictures. So, here are the two people enjoying their time in the aquarium so much.

3. Waters of Taiwan

In this area, people have more chance to know the ecology in Taiwan. You can see different kinds of species around High Mountain Stream, Reservoir, Oyster Farming, Estuary and Rocky Intertidal Coast in the exhibition.

The exhibition captures the narrow paths of the mountain streams, the dense plant life lining the riverbanks, the cool and clear nature of the water, and, of course the mystic fog that is so popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. On the other hand, the estuary portion of this exhibit introduces the mangrove ecosystems of western Taiwan.

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Stay overnight in the aquarium

Do you know what’s the most attractive thing in this aquarium? Just like what you read, you can stay one night in the aquarium and sleep with the adorable sea animals. How amazing it is!! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to do it yet. But I will do it in the future for sure. Who doesn’t want to watch fish swimming above the head and fall asleep gradually, right?

I searched some information about staying overnight for you guys. Just click the link if you are interested in doing it. I’d love to see some pictures and hear what you experience in the aquarium.

KKday → Aquarium overnight

Klook → Aquarium overnight

It was an amazing trip and I loved it so much. Therefore, I also made a video to record the great memories. Feel free to check it out!!


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